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hi okay so I just I reached another goal and I wanted to thank you all, I know that I’m not that big of a blog but it’s something and I’ve met some fantastic people on here and even if I’ve never talked to you, you’re probably one of my favorite people on here. alright this is already getting too long so this is just a list of some of my absolute favorite blogs. 

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If you weren’t listed, don’t worry! This was my first follow forever and I still haven’t met a lot of you and there will probably be more listed on a future one. So yeah thank you so much, I love you guys. 

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Those stadiums won’t be empty on Tuesday and Wednesday and then you will know that Champions League is on!

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Happy Birthday Fabio Cannavaro! ( September 13th 1973)

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After the match against Udinese.
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Mattia De Sciglio and Claudio Marchisio Dolce & Gabbana in colour by mattiadsciglio

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Anonymous asked: Hii! Why isn't Marchisio as 8 in the int team? Or he wasn't called to play? :(

Hey! I heard he got fever so he didnt follow them to Norway! :(

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Italy Pointer